My husband and I are from USA. When we had got engaged July 19th 2012 on a trip, we knew that we would like to get married in UK but were scared not living there or having the time to go back and forth. We had taken a trip to the UK in search of places to get married and we don’t know where to go, we contact Social Weddings and we are given a planner. We fell in love with a cover ceremony set up with an event planner. I knew we could not meet our budget by planning there but really wanted to work with a wedding planner. We had a very detailed unique wedding that social weddings worked with me, my mom, and mother in-law all the way through bring in beautiful linens for us to use with our colors. Our wedding was even better then imagined! I would recommend social weddings for out of town brides that are needing help getting connections to great companies.

Eva O’Brien


I honestly can’t say enough great things about Social Weddings Event Planning. With only 3 months to plan a wedding, I knew an event planner was a necessity. Social Weddings was the first event planner I called and I didnt even feel the need search for more after speaking with Andrew. All of my worries were put at ease, from that very first call.

Andrew had incredible communication and a way of making me feel like I was the only bride that he was attending to. We didnt have to worry about anything from researching vendors to linen ideas, he handled it all. As well, listening skills, coupled with his creative eye and attention to detail, helped with turning our visions and dream wedding into reality.

With Andrew’s guidance overseeing every detail leading up to and including the day of the event, my husband and I were able to enjoy our wedding and guests.

We received countless compliments from all of our guests about what an amazingly beautiful wedding this was and the credit goes to Social Weddings.

Emily Sanderson


We just came off of the high from our incredible wedding week that would have been nothing without all of the help and guidance and detailed planning and hard work that Andrew of Social Weddings Event Planning put into it.

I worked with him for about a year and half and he’s not only put up with all my crazy ideas but made them into reality even better than the dream created in my own mind! he was always available and ready to jump in to help at any moment even when I would send him emails at 3:00 in the morning the weeks leading to the wedding.

He kept us on track and made sure we knew what we needed to take care of and when to get it done by. He offered great ideas and innovative ways of doing things.

I would have to say the greatest thing that we received from Andrew that you won’t get anywhere else is how much money he saved us. He provided us with our charger plates, linens, vases, baskets, card boxes, emergency kit, frames, decorations for the ceremony and much more. Thank You Andrew.

Jasmine O’Sullivan